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Breaking News: Farmaajo Elected President of Somalia in hotly contested elections

Former Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has emerged the winner in Somalia’s hotly contested Presidential elections.

Farmaajo gannered 184 votes to the incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s 97. Former President Sheikh Shariff managed 48 votes in the February 8 elections.

Hassan Sheikh has already accepted defeat and Farmajo sworn in at the venue of elections.

“I congratulate Farmaajo and urge you to work with him and so that he can lead our country to greater heights” said Sheikh Mohamud.

Farmajo in his speech said MPs voted for change as per the need of the Somali public wherever they were.

He said, his election will bring in the much needed impetus for Somalia to reclaim its spot in the World map.

“I would like to thank the pro-change MPs who voted for me today, you have spoken for the Somali public and I can assure you this is the begging of a better Somalia. Change has come to our country” said Farmajo in his acceptance.

His election comes after outgoing  Prime Minister Omar Sharmarke withdrew from the race after the first round ended in no candidate achieving the majority vote.

Sharmarke is said to have signed a pre-election pact with Sheikh Shariff.

The election of Farmaajo who hails from the Darood clan means he will appoint a Hawile to the prime minster’s position as per Somalia’s power sharing agreement.

During his reign as the Prime Minister, Farmaajo introduced far reaching changes to the government and including payment for government staff salaries especially members of the armed forces.


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