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Boycotted products last on shelves as retailers forced selling them on offer

In Kisumu, Safaricom, Brookside and Bidco products have registered a sudden drop in sales since Thursday last week after the economic boycott was embarked on by opposition loyalists.

According to retailers and dealers of the boycotted firms in NASA stronghold zones particularly Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi outlets the demand for customers on those products have reduced therefore forcing them to also reduce orders and services of the companies to avoid running into losses.

A spot check at Choppies supermarket with five outlets located within Kisumu town have reportedly reduced their stock orders from the said companies. “I will resume purchasing the products when directed by our leaders. Nothing comes easy and we are ready to sacrifice for the sake of justice and democracy,” one of the customers from Kisumu, Maureen Otieno said.

Bidco and Brookside products ordered by the outlets are now being sold on special offer to attract customers. In addition to that, a shop attendant at one of Choppies outlets said the demand for Tuzo, Molo, Dairy Fresh, Delamere and ilara products have gone down.

“Before the boycott kicked in, the products used to sell fast but now some of the products ordered from Sunday are still lying on shelves,” the attendant added. Bidco products such as Soya, Golden fry, Ufuta, Kimbo, Sungold and Elianto are still on the shelves untouched and in stores posing uncertainties to sellers if they will sell to any prospective buyers.


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