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A bomb explodes outside Mandera Catholic church

A bomb thrown from a moving car hit the perimeter wall of a church, causing a huge security scare in Mandera Town.

The bomb , according to an eyewitness, blew up instantly the speeding Toyota Probox turned at a corner.

“I was seated outside my business building when a Probox drove past, followed by a loud bang. That explosive was thrown from that car because I had just discarded some dirt there and there was nothing,” she said.

According to a police source said bomb experts from Kenya Defence Forces and Anti-Terrorism Police Unit show that the device struck the 10-foot high wall and bounced off before blowing up

It is suspected that the bomb was meant to hit the residential houses inside St Michaels Catholic Church in Mandera Town.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia confirmed the 4.30pm incident, saying that he was yet to be appropriately briefed.

“I am made to comprehend that there has been a bombing at a dumpsite in town but I am yet to get particulars on the incident,” he said.

The security source said the team at the scene established that the apparatus was either dropped from a moving vehicle or by someone not long before it exploded.

“This is an open region and garbage from the adjacent business premises is dumped here every minute, meaning someone could have seen the device [if it was there during] the day,” he argued.

Inside the church compound, numerous houses provide accommodation to at least 10 people and some of the houses are nearer the parameter wall.

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