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Bomb experts called in after Police recover suspicious item in Eastleigh

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

Police cordon a section of the road

Police cordon off a section of the road along 12th street on Tuesday night. Photo Courtesy

Police on patrol in Eastleigh on Tuesday night recovered a metallic device from a suspect who fled, leaving behind the item on being stopped by the law enforcers.

Confirming the incident, Starehe head of CID Kiberenge Saroney said a woman dropped the object which was wrapped in a paper bag after police on patrol ordered her to stop in the 1 am Tuesday incident.

He said bomb experts have been called in to examine the device recovered at 11th street, Eastleigh.

“A team of bomb experts have already arrived at the scene where they are examining the metallic device suspected to be an IED,” the CID boss said.

Eastleigh was among areas worst hit by terror attacks in the country but has enjoyed relative peace for more than a year now.


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