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Blow to Al-shabaab as Muslim passengers shield their Christian colleagues in Mandera bus attack

By Suleiman Hassan:


Heroine: A Muslim mother, Khadija Mohamed who is the head of counseling department, Garissa University College, consoles survivors of the April 2, 2015 attack. Such pictures are rarely published by the media who normally dwell on the evil intentions of Al-shabaab. Photo/File.


A group of Muslim passengers risked their lives today after resisting attempts by Al-shabaab militants to separate passengers traveling in a Mandera bound bus they attacked along religious lines.

Eye witnesses told Nepjournal the militants would have killed at the scale of a previous similar attack had it not been the brave stance taken by the Muslim travelers.

An employee of Makkah Bus Company, owners of the ill-fated bus who spoke to Nepjournal on condition of anonymity confirmed the brave move by the passengers. He said one of the victims was shot dead after trying to run away from the militants who forced passengers off the bus.

Muslim women gave their christian colleagues veils and long dresses while their male counterparts led by local teacher Sahal Farah dared the militants to ‘either kill them all or leave them alone’.

Our source said the standoff forced the militants to flee for fear of backlash from the nearby settlements.

Mr. Farah however sustained gunshot wounds and was transferred to the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba hailed the ‘sense of patriotism and belonging to each other’ shown by the travelers.

“The locals showed a sense of patriotism and belonging to each other by insisting that the al-Shabab should kill them together or leave them alone,” Roba told a local media house.

Al-shabaab has made it a habit to separate their victims along religious lines to create the impression that they were at war with only non-Muslims.

Members of the Muslim and Christian faiths in Kenya however refused to be dragged into this trap by the militants which is aimed at setting them against each other.

bus attack - nepjournal

Members of the public mill around the ill-fated bus after it arrived in Elwak town.


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  1. winnie

    Thanks be to God. Congratulations my dear Muslim brothers for that let God strengthen u after facing the act since we all belong to one nation and be blessed abundantly

  2. martin

    This is true brotherliness…NEP residents are telling Al Shabaab that they want to demonstrate the difference between terrorism and religion…Thanks our brothers and sisters from the North…

  3. Simon Mwangi Ndirangu

    Comment…Kudos to our muslim brothers and sisters for shielding your fellow christian kenyans…keep the fire burning until we flash out all terrorists amidst us….God bless you all,God bless KENYA

  4. edwin mugo

    …Its love that will win this battle,the media should shout about this triumph.Thank you brothers and sisters who chose good over evil…

  5. Robert

    If we continue like this,Al shabaab will have no chance and with it undue victimization of innocent people along tribal,racial and religious lines will also end.

  6. David Koskei

    Mr President, every year you award and present medals to politicians, Ministers and others, what do you think of the act just demonstrated by those Kenyans in the North.

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