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Bling it on! Wealthy Arabs show off supercars, including Bugattis and Lamborghinis, for ‘The Season’ in London

Sleek: A Bugatti Veyron outisde Harrods in London (Picture: SWNS)

Sleek: A Bugatti Veyron outisde Harrods in London (Picture: SWNS)

They are turning heads all over town – rich boy racers are roaring round the capital in their souped-up supercars.

Playboys, here for what is known as The Season, have shipped over Bugattis, Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces from the Middle East to show off their wealth.

Some of the more outrageous motors seen in London include a £370,000 six-wheeled Mercedes G63 AMG and a gold Range Rover, with the registration number 666.

sleek car

Picture this: A fan snaps a Lamborghini (Picture: SWNS)

sleek car

Stand out: A lilac coloured Rolls-Royce (Picture: SWNS)

The sight of the cars has got some salivating – particularly ‘carparazzi’ enthusiasts, who photograph and film the vehicles in action.

But not everyone is a fan. People living in Knightsbridge say drivers turn the area into their own personal race track, while police say some owners laugh at the law by parking illegally and driving without insurance.

sleek car

Gleaming: A Pagani Huayra (Picture: SWNS)

sleek car

Eye-catching: A Mercedes AMG G36 (Picture: SWNS)

But Paul Wallace, of YouTube channel Supercars of London, thinks they get a rough deal.

‘These super-wealthy individuals pump millions into the economy and fulfill fans’ dreams by bringing super rare cars here,’ he said.

sleek car

Wow: A six-wheel Merc (Picture: SWNS)




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