Balambala MP formally lodges complain with oversight body over police brutality

By NepJournal June 3, 2015 17:19

By Hussein Ahmed

Balambala MP. Hon. Abdikadir Omar Aden

Balambala MP. Hon. Abdikadir Aden

Following last weekend’s incident where a senior police officer in Garissa posted on his Facebook page pictures of police officers whipping suspects in an undisclosed area in the county, Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden has officially lodged complaint with the Independent Police Oversight Authority over the matter.

In a letter dated June 2, Abdi K called for the immediate investigation into the matter and wants action taken against the officers involved in the act which he said amounts to violation of article 51 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

The MP also called for the immediate end to the police brutality in the name of fighting terror and demanded public apology by the police service.

“Whilst we stay committed to support our security forces to secure our County from threats of terrorism, they must do so within the law. The approach currently being used by the security forces must change. The People of NEP are themselves victims of terror and should not be subjected to further humiliation and suffering” he said.

The photos caused uproar as they depicted high handedness on the side of the officers.


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By NepJournal June 3, 2015 17:19

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