Baby Ayan arrives in Nairobi for specialized treatment

By NepJournal October 3, 2016 14:30

Baby Ayan arrives in Nairobi for specialized treatment

By Nep Journal Correspondent:


Baby Ayan From Mandera on board a Sonko Rescue Team Van enroute to Eastleigh on Monday morning. SRC received them at the Wilson airport.

Ailing baby Ayan has today arrived in Nairobi for specialized treatment courtesy of well wishers after a group of local youth highlighted her plight on social media.

Rahma Mohamed Guliye, one of the notable voices who took part in the baby’s journey towards accessing proper medication said they took up the matter after local doctors referred the baby to Kenyatta hospital which her family could not afford.

The Khalalio born baby developed the condition two weeks after birth.

“Ayan’s parents can not even afford three meals a day let alone take her to KNH, we sent appeals and well wishers have been sending in their contributions which enabled us to bring her to Nairobi” said Rahma, speaking at Wilson airport on arrival from Mandera with the ailing baby on Monday morning.

Amina Mohamed Guleid, the ailing baby’s grandmother thanked well wishers for the positive gesture saying they resigned to fate before receiving their support.

On arrival, the family and the accompanying well wishers were received by the Sonko Rescue Team who took them to a hotel in Nairobi before transfer to Kijabe mission hospital on Tuesday morning.




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By NepJournal October 3, 2016 14:30

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