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Babu Owino charged with assault

Babu Owino the MP for Embakasi East Constituency has been arraigned at Kibera Law Court today to respond to assault charges. The young out-spoken leader made an appearance before Chief Magistrate Joyce Gandani after yesterday being released from custody on bail worth Ksh 500,000 for being charged with subversion and hate speech charges.

Mr Owino has been charged with inflicting severe bodily injuries to a voter identified as Joshua Otieno Obiende on August 8th at Soweto Social Hall in Embakasi East Constituency. He also faced other charges of using excessive force during the election as opposed in Section 11 (c) of the Election Offences Act no. 37 of 2016

The ODM legistator with others absent before the court was accused of physically attacking the voter with an aim of stopping him from voting in the General Elections. Mr owino however, denied the charges before the court and his defense pleaded the court to grant him bail since the accused (Owino) has been spending nights in police custody since Monday.

If proven guity, Mr. Owino is likely to serve life imprisonment on the first count while the second count according to Elections Act will attract a fine of Ksh 1 million or make him spend a jail term sentence not exceeding six years.

The prosecution side has object to the granting of the accused a release on bail on the grounds that the accused might obstruct or intimidate witness of the case if released hence be remanded in custody till evidence is gathered.


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