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Federal government appeals for more help as death toll rises following deadly Mogadishu attack

🕔17:41, 16.Oct 2017

By NJ Correspondent: A day after what has now become Somalia’s single deadliest attack, the federal government has appealed for help and collaboration to ensure effective emergency operations and reach all the victims affected by the attack. In a statement

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DEVOLUTION – Northern Kenya: Invest in food security to attaining meaningful development

🕔00:40, 16.Oct 2017

By Mohamed Sadiq Abdikarim, Northern Kenya counties faces a myriad of hurdles on its way to achieve sustainable food security and attaining its developmental agenda. Climate change, population growth, youth bulge, widespread unemployment, life-threatening poverty and hunger are some of

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The Crying voices of Somalia

🕔00:28, 16.Oct 2017

By Yussuf Ali Korow:   Today more than ever, the people of Somalia need to stand together in solidarity to annihilate and wipe out completely the barbaric individuals who executed this painfully and horrendous attack of butchering Innocent souls. This

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Somalia goes into 3-day mourning period after Powerful Explosion

🕔18:26, 15.Oct 2017

By Issac Kitty: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of Somalia has ordered the national flag be flown at half-mast as the country goes into a mourning period to honor the death of at least 85 people in a truck explosion. The

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Breaking! Huge blast rocks Mogadishu

🕔15:53, 14.Oct 2017

A massive explosion has this afternoon rocked Mogadishu’s KM5 area at the busy Zobe junction. Many are feared dead in the attack believed to have been carried out with a VBIED. Mogadishu has enjoyed an easy calm in the recent

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Over 10,000 families to benefit from NHIF cards in Marsabit

🕔22:59, 12.Oct 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri: Over ten thousand families  in  Marsabit County are set to be provided with the National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF) cards in order to access quality healthcare and benefit from the improved financial health services. The area governor Mohammed

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The U.S threatens to quit United Nation’s UNESCO

🕔22:49, 12.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kitty: The United States has stated it will pull out of UN’s culture and education body (Unesco) citing accusations of anti-Israel bias in a move that was critised by the head of the Paris-based organization. After years of

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President welcomes Raila’s plan to withdraw from election

🕔22:59, 9.Oct 2017

By PSCU President Uhuru Kenyatta today welcomed opposition leader Raila Odinga’s reported plan to withdraw from the October 26 election.The President said Kenyans want the issue of elections done with once for all and if Raila is not ready to

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Korane fills remaining three slots in his Executive Committee

🕔22:56, 9.Oct 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Garissa Governor Ali Bunow Korane has finally named the remaining three members of his Executive Committee. In a letter to the Speaker of the County Assembly dated 9th October, 2017, Korane named Issa Yarrow Kahin (Agriculture, Livestock

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Cheating in Examinations; My Advice to 2017 Candidates from The Region

🕔21:41, 9.Oct 2017

By Mohamed Abdinoor Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, wrote this letter to his son’s teacher when his son joined school. “My son starts school today. It is all going to be strange and new to him

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The New Deal and the Limits of Kenyan Politics

🕔22:17, 8.Oct 2017

By Abubakar Bishar Only the ignorant and prejudiced will question the fact that Kenya has produced some great leaders in its history. Today, however, it is highly debatable, to argue that Kenya still has such great leaders, leaders who display

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How I was raised by a humble Mother in Dadaab Refugee Camp.

🕔20:06, 8.Oct 2017

By Dahir Abdullahi Raising a child is a tough job at the best of time. For poor but determined mothers, the situation is even more difficult because they carry the double burden of financing and caring for their children all

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NCCK urges Uhuru, Raila to share power to end crisis

🕔18:46, 5.Oct 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri The National Council of Churches of Kenya(NCCK) has told President Uhuru Kenyatta and the National Supper Alliance flag bearer Raila Odinga to share power in order to solve the current stalemate facing the country. Addressing stakeholder’s conference

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Funds drive launched for ailing Somali Singer Amina Dhool

🕔14:04, 5.Oct 2017

By NJ Correspondent: A group of concerned artist and journalists have launched an online funds drive for to help pay the medical bills and operation for legendary Somali singer Amina Dhool hospitalized at a London hotel for kidney failure. Dhool,

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Wajir gubernatorial candidate in last elections denies withdrawing petition

🕔08:45, 5.Oct 2017

By NJ Correspondent: One of the candidates who vied for the Wajir County Gubernatorial seat in the last elections Ahmed Muhumed Abdi has denied withdrawing a petition challenging the election of Mohamed Abdi Mohamud in the August 8 polls. Ahmed

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First Lady Kenyatta launches women empowerment project in Wajir

🕔21:53, 4.Oct 2017

By PSCU: First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today took the message of women empowerment to Wajir where she rolled out a livestock distribution exercise that will benefit thousands of families across the 30 electoral Wards across the County. She braved sweltering

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The hot and tumultuous political scene in Kenya

🕔19:40, 4.Oct 2017

By Christine Kinori: The political scene in Kenya for the last couple of months have been nothing if not red hot and tumultuous.  It feels like ever since the elections on 8th August things have been taking a turn for

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All You need to know about election laws changes by Jubilee

🕔16:31, 29.Sep 2017

The ruling party Jubilee is in a process to change election laws before the presidential election is held on October 26 meanwhile protests and boycott by opposition MP’s opposed to the move has been witnessed. The National Assembly, which is

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Wajir governor makes quick changes to his CECs

🕔15:47, 29.Sep 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri: The Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi Mohamud has made changes in the just appointed CECs. In an unprecedented move the Governor has replaced his yet to be sworn in Special Programmes CEC Mrs. Ebla Bashir Hassan with Ahmed

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Angry Kikuyu Elders curse Babu Owino

🕔15:19, 29.Sep 2017

By Isaac Kiiti The Council of Kikuyu elders on Tuesday in Thika Town at Mama Ngina gardens conducted a traditional ritual for cursing of the Embakasi East Babu Owino for allegedly referring to President Uhuru Kenyatta as son of a

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Elections: Between The Hype And The Truth:

🕔23:39, 27.Sep 2017

By Ahmed Muhideen: At the turn of every 5 years, my people are afflicted by something similar to what is known in theological seminaries as ‘ exaltation’. This in precis involves elevating a human being in rank and ability, ascribing

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Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women driving

🕔21:06, 27.Sep 2017

The King of Saudi Arabia has issued an official order to allow women in the country obtain driving license. This comes barely a week when a senior Saudi Sheikh said women in the country should not be allowed to drive

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 Kiraitu-Munya alliance campaign team formed

🕔20:08, 27.Sep 2017

Elected Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi and his former political rivalry Peter Munya have decided to bury the hatchet and work together side by side to ensure President Uhuru Kenyatta wins the repeat October 26 presidential election. The President hosted the

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Lamu’s Boni community in dire need of food

🕔15:38, 26.Sep 2017

The Boni minority Community in Lamu is crying foul after the national government stopped a food distribution programme launched shortly after commencement of the Linda Boni security operation inside the Boni forest and neighboring areas. The operation which was launched

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New York City Bar Association asks Uhuru to stop attack on Judiciary

🕔15:20, 26.Sep 2017

The New York City Bar Association has written letter  to President Uhuru Kenyatta expressing concern about recent attacks against the Kenyan judiciary. The bar, in their letter, noted that intimidation of the judiciary subverts the democratic consolidated by the decision.

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Another hate speech from Babu Owino

🕔18:22, 25.Sep 2017

Angry residents and jubilee supporters have taken to the streets today following yesterdays’s political utterances by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. The crowd of rowdy youths termed the legislators remarks at a political rally in WestLands as blatant insults to

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On the fight against terror, let us do it differently.

🕔07:46, 23.Sep 2017

By Billow Abdi: Terrorism has caused us too much damage and as terrorist seem determined on their agenda most likely we will witness more of their heinous ideology mercilessly acting on us before our very eyes. What we clearly know

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In Northern Kenya: Our leaders should Know, Raila is beacon of hope in the sea of tyranny.

🕔17:45, 22.Sep 2017

Our Leaders From northern Kenya should not blackmail the electorate’s, the presidents and the Kenyans for taking bunch of Innocent people to state house signaling political support to the ruling elites of the country. They must know what kind of

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Kapsabet building collapses 20 still trapped

🕔17:30, 21.Sep 2017

About 20 people are feared to be trapped in a debris of a collapsed building in Kapsabet Town, Nandi County this Thursday after a three storey building under construction went down. Seventeen out of 39 workers have been rescued from

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Garissa and Moyale to benefit from Sh 15.5 billion World Bank electricity projects

🕔16:31, 21.Sep 2017

  Garissa and Moyale in Northern region will be among 14 counties that will benefit from the World Bank electricity project. Already the Government has received Sh 15.5 billion loan from the World Bank to finance electricity connectivity in arid

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Sheikh Tamim takes Arabian gulf crisis to global audience

🕔16:03, 21.Sep 2017

Qatar’s emir Sheikh Tamim has appealed to global leaders before meeting President Donald Trump of US during a UN General Assembly convention held in New York City. Tamim criticized Qatar’s four neighbors (Saudi Arabia,UAE,Bahrain and Egypty) against imposing sanctions for

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Solve election issues, U.S tells Uhuru and Raila

🕔23:56, 18.Sep 2017

The US government through its top administration official has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his political rivalry former Prime Minister and leader of Nasa coalition Mr. Raila Odinga to iron out their divergent views surrounding the conducting of the

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🕔15:09, 16.Sep 2017

Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani declared his plea to sit at a negotiating table with his counterparts of the Arabian Gulf states to iron out their differences surrounding the existing three months -long regional crisis. Tamim said

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🕔17:57, 15.Sep 2017

Public Service vehicles will no longer access the Central Business District of Nairobi, after the County government published new rules in a Gazette Notice that prohibit the public vehicles from operating in the heart of Nairobi. The new rules are

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EU to Construct Ksh 144 Million Fish Plant in Marsabit

🕔17:35, 15.Sep 2017

European Union(EU) in collaboration with the county government of Marsabit is set to establish multi-million fish processing and refrigeration plant in the county to empower local community. The area Governor   Mohamud Muhammad Ali revealed that his government has already received

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🕔17:07, 15.Sep 2017

The North Korea has fired an unidentified missile from Sunan District in its Pyongyang Capital to the Eastwards; information from South Korea military has revealed. South Korea’s joint Chiefs of staff says they are in collaboration with US military analyzing

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Northern Kenya MPs defend IEBC commissioners from the region

🕔19:05, 13.Sep 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri: Elected Members of Parliament from North Eastern region have defended IEBC Commissioner Yakub Guliye who is among the electoral body’s officials NASA leader Raila Odinga wants ejected from office. The MPs  led by National Assembly Majority Leader

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Nkaissery lashes out at refugee leaders over ‘Dadaab terror threat’

🕔02:05, 3.Nov 2015

  By Suleiman Hassan: Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has blamed leaders of the refugee community in Dadaab for failing to fully cooperate with the government in the war on terror. Speaking after leading a high level Kenyan delegation in

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