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Man killed in Pangani by IED he was assembling

🕔17:34, 30.Mar 2014

A man died in Pangani area this after an improvised explosive device (IED) he was reportedly assembling went off killing him on the spot. According to Starehe OCPD Barasa Wabomba, the man, aged between 18 and 21, may not have

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Give us financial muscle – Wajir County’s Women M.P. demands

🕔15:54, 30.Mar 2014

Wajir County’s Women M.P. Hon. Fatuma Ibrahim has called for the strengthening of the position of Women M.P. so that they can serve women and other vulnerable groups better. Hon. Fatuma says that they should be given budgetary allocations like

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Forget Al-Shabaab – Mungiki are forerunners of Kenya’s lawlessness

🕔06:59, 30.Mar 2014

By Prof. Makau Mutua Let me today say what most are whispering. Kenya, once known as an island of tranquility in a sea of chaos, is going to the dogs – almost literally. The country is being “mungikinised” right before

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Techniques to Develop a Habit of Reading

🕔19:14, 29.Mar 2014

As Muslims, we cannot underestimate the importance of reading, especially when the first word revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was “Read!” Yet, whenever the topic of reading comes up, although we recognize its importance we always

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Facebook to use satellites, drones to spread Internet to third world

🕔18:38, 29.Mar 2014

Facebook Inc is harnessing satellite, drone and other technology as part of an ambitious and costly effort to beam Internet connectivity to people in underdeveloped parts of the world. The world’s No. 1 social network said on Thursday it has

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Duale, Keynan and Muturi Accused of extortionism

🕔15:48, 29.Mar 2014

House speaker Hon. Justin Muturi, Leader of Majority Hon. Aden Duale and Wajir West M.P. Hon. Aden Kenyan who is also the Chair of Parliament’s Public Investments Committee are accused of swindling Companies and Institutions under Parliamentary investigations. According to

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President, Deputy: Terror attacks must end

🕔22:14, 28.Mar 2014

S. Hassan and PSCU President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy today held a lengthy meeting with members of the Eastleigh business community and elected leaders from the Somali community led by Majority leader Hon. Aden Duale. The president said that

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Homosexuality a serious problem as terrorism, says Duale

🕔14:24, 28.Mar 2014

Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale has described homosexuality as a problem in Kenya on the same scale as terrorism and suggested it should be handled the same way. But he said it is a social problem and

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Pomp and colour as Wajir marks one year of devolution

🕔22:42, 27.Mar 2014

The Wajir County Government today organized a series of events to mark one year of devolution. A public forum was held in the morning at Wajir guest house that gave the public the chance to interact freely with all their

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Joy and dance as Mandera county marks one year of devolution

🕔06:29, 27.Mar 2014

As Mandera County celebrated one year of devolution, there was joy and dance at Moi stadium where the event was held and the message of the county residents was loud and clear – They are now independent from years of

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Kenya orders all refugees back in to camps

🕔21:19, 26.Mar 2014

By S. Hassan and Aljazeera Kenya has ordered all refugees living in urban areas to return to their camps in a bid to end attacks by armed groups carried out in retaliation for Kenya’s intervention in neighbouring Somalia. “Any refugee found flouting

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Youth and tribalism, Time to part ways!

🕔18:36, 26.Mar 2014

By Hashim Muktar To many we are in a modern and more civilized world where people are trying to inter-connect by forgetting about their race or color, but to the Young people of North-eastern -Kenya, that time might not have

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How to Wake up for Fajr

🕔16:48, 26.Mar 2014

How do you wake up for fajr? And I don’t mean wake up for a day or two, but how do you keep waking up for fajr, constantly, everyday, without fail. There’s loads & loads of websites online giving you

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Pastoralists in Wajir cushioned against drought by Takaful insurance

🕔09:46, 26.Mar 2014

By S. Hassan and KNA Pastoralists in Wajir yesterday received a big boost and a cover against biting droughts following payments of beneficiaries by Takaful insurance through an insurance policy dubbed Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI). The project uses satellite imagery

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Young Kenyan Environmentalist appointed as an African Development Ambassador.

🕔05:30, 26.Mar 2014

Environmentalist Abdikadir Aden Hassan from Garissa County has been appointed as an African Development Ambassador. He has been a young leader who has exhibited a big change for his society with a big passion for his community. This comes three

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The War drums in Garissa county are loud and clear

🕔18:36, 25.Mar 2014

Dr. M.Y. ELmi A bloody Clan clashes between Awlian and Abutwaq is eminent and the war drums are now loud and clear, the war drums have been beating for a long time and have been just waiting for a small

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Attaining food security in Northern Kenya is Difficult, but Achievable.

🕔15:46, 25.Mar 2014

 DEVOLUTION: Northern Kenya M. S Abdikarim  “…We must redefine our own narrative and change the perception that the region is only associated with drought, famine, insecurity, inter-communal clashes, cattle rustling and other non-developmental terminologies. We should set our priorities right”

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Bill seeks to rank State officers in seniority order

🕔09:57, 25.Mar 2014

By Alphonce Shiundu –  The Standard President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto, the speakers of the two Houses and Chief Justice Willy Mutunga are the only people who will be allowed to fly miniature versions of the national flag

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Garissa University College to be officially opened

🕔09:02, 25.Mar 2014

Garissa University College will be officially opened on Saturday, 29th March in a ceremony presided over by Garissa township M.P. and Leader of Majority in Parliament Hon. Duale. The University college is a constituent of Moi University – Eldoret and

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Garissa County Government appoints Sub – County Administrators

🕔08:29, 25.Mar 2014

The list of Sub – County Administrator of Garissa is out as follows. NO SUB COUNTY NAME OF CANDIDATE 1 Dadaab Nassir M. Dolal 2 Lagdera Huud Rashid Hilowle 3 Garissa Township Shaiya Hudle Hambe 4 Balambala Mohamed Abdi Sahal

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Soap operas spearheading social decay

🕔12:38, 24.Mar 2014

By Hassan S. Every day, after school, most of the children arrive in their homes and in the majority of cases; they start by turning on the TV and start to watch programs such as soap operas. Children and teenagers

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Drinking wine and preaching water

🕔05:52, 24.Mar 2014

President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the past few months been pushing for the reduction of the huge expenditure and wage bill of his government. He has put forth several proposals including pay cuts for himself, his deputy and cabinet. But

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State of the art ambulances launched in Garissa County

🕔04:47, 24.Mar 2014

The Garissa County government on Friday launched seven state-of-the art ambulance leased from the Kenya Red Cross society. The county Government has also unveiled at the same function the recruitment of 240 health professionals including clinical officers, nurses, pharmacists and

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Perennial thirst and persistent floods in Modogashe

🕔11:32, 23.Mar 2014

By Suleiman Hassan Water, water, water everywhere and no glass to drink days later. Welcome to Modogashe, home to Togweyne. Following the recent heavy rains that pounded parts of North Eastern and Eastern regions, Lagdera’s seasonal river popularly known as

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Sanctions on Al-Barakaat Hawaala lifted

🕔07:32, 23.Mar 2014

  Abdihakim Sheikh Soon after 9/11 the US flexed its muscles and in revenge took actions against individuals and enterprises it accused of supporting terrorism. Among those affected were prominent Somali businessmen and enterprises notably Mr. Ahmednoor Ali Jimale, proprietor

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Wajir County marks World water day in Arbajahan

🕔05:59, 23.Mar 2014

Wajir county government yesterday marked this year’s World water day in Arbajahan by commissioning a borehole in the town. Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, his deputy Abdihafid and host of other leaders toured the town to commission the water project and inspect

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Major Power project commissioned in Garissa.

🕔20:14, 22.Mar 2014

  By Hassan S. Residents of Garissa County will soon say goodbye to the frequent power outages in the town and the payment of exorbitant electricity bills. This follows the commissioning today of the Garissa Power Sub-station for the National

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Police discover components of explosives at Wajir cemetary

🕔11:12, 22.Mar 2014

Police in Wajir today found components use to carry out deadly explosion that were in the final stages of assembly at a cemetery.   The components include connection wires, white and grey explosive powder, motherhouse or body and a switch,

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Who is a Fundamentalist and who is a Terrorist

🕔21:52, 21.Mar 2014

  Who Is a ‘Fundamentalist’?  By Dr. Zakir Naik A fundamentalist, by definition, is a person who follows the fundamentals of a particular subject or a particular field. For example, if a person wants to be a good doctor, he

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Wajir County government defeated in the battle of waste management

🕔19:15, 21.Mar 2014

By Dr. M.Y. Elmi While in one part of the globe , Astronomers are struggling to discover gravitational waves which would led to the understanding of the beginning and evolution of the universe into the cornucopia of galaxies and stars

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Rail Odinga’s Facebook account hacked

🕔15:17, 21.Mar 2014

  Cord leader Raila Odinga’s Facebook Account has been hacked or even worse someone he hired to manage it has forcefully taken it over. According to blogger Robert Alai, the man holding the account at ransom is none other Aron

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Kenya’s Eastleigh, melting pot of regional cultures

🕔06:19, 21.Mar 2014

  Eastleigh, a commercial hub on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, is widely known as small Mogadishu due to the huge number of Somali immigrants inhabiting the town. The Somalis’ vibrant engagement in business makes them stand out in the

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My Neighbor is my Clan

🕔15:14, 20.Mar 2014

Dr. Ali Mahamud The African continent is rife with Tribalism, clanism, nepotism and ethnicity all used in the most pervasive negative manners. Many of African civil wars, rebellions and infighting are clan associated. In many years past, myriads of theories

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Is there such a thing as “Freedom of Movement”?

🕔08:12, 20.Mar 2014

I did it again this year to see if anything has changed. Last year it was by Bus. In October of this year (2010), I traveled from Madera to Wajir, purposefully by Kabber (Land Cruiser used to carry Chat). Three

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Let us Greenify Garissa and North Eastern at large

🕔07:05, 19.Mar 2014

Amb. Abdikadir Aden, HSC. is a young man who has volunteered to make our lives better through planting of trees. He has started in Garissa a campaign christened “Plant a million trees” and this is to request our esteemed readers

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Police in Mombasa find deadly cache of terror arsenal

🕔06:35, 19.Mar 2014

Police in Mombasa have impounded a car loaded with deadly weapons that would have caused massive destruction and death had the owners been successful in their mission. Police discovered IED’s welded to the floor and back seat of the Toyota

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Mwingi central MP coming up with the best medicine to treat Huge wage bill

🕔06:10, 19.Mar 2014

By Ahmed Abdi Over the past few days, the country has been taken for a ride by politicians on the best way to control the sky-rocketing wage bill. From the much publicized pay cut proposed by the president to a

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Black to bleach – The search for Beauty

🕔09:25, 18.Mar 2014

By  Hassan What started as a fashion craze among our beautiful girls in Northern Kenya is now showing its ugly side. The search for ‘beauty’ has pushed most girls to resort to the use of chemicals to give themselves a

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Of briefcase companies and ‘Kontrokti’

🕔09:16, 17.Mar 2014

By Farah Yare In North Eastern Kenya, there is a new cash cow that every Ali, Abdi and Asha wants to take control of. They call it ‘kontrokti’ . This is none other than a Somalization of the English word

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County Governemnts – The new ‘NGOs’ in North Eastern.

🕔17:01, 16.Mar 2014

  By Abdihakim. Working for an International NGO was once the most sought after opportunity in North Eastern. From the air conditioned off road vehicles to the equally air conditioned and well furnished offices, staff working with them were treated

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Use social media responsibly

🕔09:03, 15.Mar 2014

By Hassan. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, to name but just a few form the so called social media. Here, everyone can express what he wants and therefore, social media can be used either to make life better or worse. Users

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Photo of the day!

Marching in solidarity with Mogadishu attack victims in Nariobi.

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