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Attorney General Githu Muigai warns ‘swearing-in’ Raila is treason

Attorney General Githu Muigai has warned that planned swearing-in of Opposition leader Raila Odinga is treason and liable to be punished by death.

“The price of committing treason is death. The induction of any person not confirmed by IEBC, and who did not win the vote, is improper,” he told journalists on Thursday.

Githu also added that if a swearing -in ceremony is not presided by Chief Justice David Maraga, it is void, null and against the law

“The criminal law of the Republic of Kenya states that this type of progression is high treason. It is high treason of the persons implicated and any other person helping that process,” he said.

The government previously warned that NASA leaders will be penalized if they carry out the foolhardy arrangement.

According to Muigai NASA will be violating Article 3(2) of the constitution, requiring every person to maintain and respect it.

“Any endeavor to set up a government otherwise than in the fulfillment with this constitution is illegal,” says Subsection 2.

“The law as plain as day and night,” Muigai said, adding that anyone breaching it will be committing a crime.

NASA, on the other hand, cites Article 1 which gives all sovereign power to the Kenyan people, as validation for their move that is part of a bigger resistance plan.

Their objective is to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta from office but alarmed parties such as the United States want Raila to take the discourse path.

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