Attack on Mandera governor convoy leaves three dead.

By NepJournal March 13, 2015 10:11

Attack on Mandera governor convoy leaves three dead.

Attack on roba convoy-nepjournal

One of the two vehicles hit RPGs in the attack

By Abdiweli Mohamed

Mandera governor Ali Roba survived yet another deadly attack this morning after suspected Al-Shabaab fighters attacked in his convoy with rocket propelled grenades along Mandera Arabia – Road.

Two police officers and a former chairman of the defunct Mandera county council died in the attack in which more than seven others were wounded.

The convoy was reportedly heading to Wargadud for a public meeting when it came under fire.

The scene of attack is a few kilometers from where the militia killed 28 people late last year.

A shaken Roba told reporters after the incident that the national government has shown some laxity in dealing with the persistent attacks from militia in the area.

“What is happening in Mandera is unacceptable. The state should protect locals. Our military is protecting Somalia, yet people in Kenya are suffering,” the governor said.

Roba lamented that his request to purchase armored vehicles was met with deaf ears from the internal security ministry yet it is not the first time he is coming under attack.

He accused the government of not taking seriously the threat to his life.

“I don’t know if the government is waiting for me to die before taking my security seriously, maybe they are waiting until I am killed to understand the threats are real,” he said.

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By NepJournal March 13, 2015 10:11

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