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Article 002: Why 2017 is subsequently essential For the Common Mwananchi in Wajir County

Abdynasir Hussein:

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This is one imperative year that will give the common Wajirean the precise self-same opportunity to choosy-selectively  elect leaders of their prime grounded on manifesto and performance in the different progressive tasks they carried out, that is if any in the local community. This will be facilitated by the datum that now they know the value of devolution and the roles of apiece and every leader they elect into office.

Devolution comes with a lot of paybacks including more resources provision from the national government to the local government, additional job opportunities, infrastructure and improved health care delivery.

Every native ought to discern for sure that it’s their elementary rights and responsibility to bring in an insurrection that will elect in governance that will take care of their basic rights as the electorate and bring in developmental programs that will touch the life of the common citizen.

The sturdiest weapon you have is your vote-arsenal that will make you define and delineate the kind of governance you want. The prevalent slip-up you can interminably make is to encourage corruption, venality, nepotism, prejudice, mass looting of the public funds and misappropriation via opting for and electing the equivalent shady non-performing leaders.

Elective positions like MCA are the utmost vivacious ones subsequently it gives the member a chance to endorse developmental projects at the lowest level of ward. Others like The Woman Representative is also significant as it sounds since the county is in requisite for the empowerment of women and the girl child in the county through educational, economic and social progresses.

With virtually a year to the general elections, it’s my wish that the populaces of the great county of Wajir County will ultimately decide to draw leaders with shrewdest, niftiest philosophy and policy who will place the interest of the common mwanachi before his peculiar personal interest and his associates. Corruption and debauched leadership will be in for a shock.

The writer is a web programmer, Chair of the WEEG initiative and Director of One Unlad Lipunan Society (One Developmental Society).


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