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Arsenal and Manchester city are out of the tittle race says Southampton boss

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The Barclays Premier League title race will be a fight between Leicester City and Tottenham, according to Ronald Koeman.

Southampton manager Ronald Koeman believes Arsenal and Manchester City are not in the Premier League title after Leicester City’s victory on Monday.

The results puts them five points clear of closest rivals Tottenham, while Arsenal and Manchester City are 11 and 12 points respectively behind the leaders with one game in hand.

Nevertheless the Dutchman said there is only one other challenger to Leicester remaining.

“It will be a fight between Tottenham and Leicester,” Koeman said via Sky Sports.

“In my opinion, that’s the difference between before and after this result. It’s a new situation for Leicester.

“Eleven points from Arsenal, 12 points from Manchester City, they are out of the title.”

“Tottenham are still close, but it’s now a fight between two teams,” Koeman added.

“Before this game it was still a fight between four or five. That’s the difference and it starts to run in your mind as a Leicester player.

“Before today the manager [Claudio Ranieri] was still mentioning the Europa League but after the result, they have Champions League. Now it’s about second or first place. That’s the title and it’s a different situation to what it was before the game.”


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