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Arabic language course at Kagumo college faces suspension

By Mbarak Abucheri

The Arabic language diploma programme at Kagumo Teachers College might be suspended due to the few students who have applied for the course. Muslim Education Council Executive Director Munawwar Khan said the learning programme has so far not attracted the required number of students and if the state of affairs continues, the institution might be forced to suspend the course.

“We need students to apply for the course and ensure that the programme remains. This is an important course and we should not allow it to be removed from academic disciplines,” he told The Nepjournal. Munawwar noted that to be enrolled in the learning programme, applicants are required to have grade C+ in Arabic and English languages obtained during the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

He further pointed out that for those unable to cater for the tuition fees, Muslim Education Council together with Jamia Mosque Committee and other organizations are ready to provide support to the students. This is not the first time that the inadequate number of students is threatening to have the programme shelved among the academic disciplines.

Almost a decade ago, the education ministry announced plans to remove Arabic language among the teaching subjects due to low enrollment numbers, a move which drove Muslim leaders to embark on an awareness campaign which culminated in more students applying for the course.

Kagumo Teachers College in Nyeri County is the only government institution offering Arabic training programme for teachers while Kibabii Teachers College in Bungoma offers Islamic Religious Education (IRE) teachers training programme.

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