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Anti-Corruption campaign steering committee urges Garissa residents to fight corruption

By Abdi Yare and NACCSC

 NACCSC Vice Chairperson Rev. Jesse Mutura

NACCSC Vice Chairperson Rev. Jesse Mutura

The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC) on Friday held a consultative meeting with the Garissa County Government.

The committee led by Rev. Jesse Mutura (Mrs) met Governor Nathif Jama and host of other leaders from his administration.

The meeting was aimed at jointly formulating and implementing anti-corruption campaign strategies, programmes and activities at the grassroots levels.

“We came here to sensitize residents of Garissa on the fight against corruption. We hope to do the same in all the counties” Mutura said.

Through these activities, members of the public are encouraged to participate in the fight against corruption and guard against misuse of the resources that have been devolved for development and service delivery, but most importantly, support local and national initiatives to fight corruption.

NACCSC aims at empowering Kenyans to say no to corruption. This can be done by holding their leaders accountable, as well as ensuring public funds are used in a transparent manner for the intended purpose.

Sensitization and education on corruption matters will enable wananchi at the grassroots level to effectively manage projects and programmes put up using devolved funds.

It is envisaged that the Garissa County residents will embrace the anti-corruption messages that NACCSC has in store to empower them.

Governor Nathif welcomed the committee to Garissa County and assured them of his administration’s support in the fight against corruption.

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