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Another twist in the Wajir county gubernatorial race as Ugas withdraws in support of Amb. Mohamed Abdi Mohamud

By NJ Correspondent:

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Leaders from the Fai community join hands in support of the July 28 verdict. Photo/File.

The race to unseat Wajir governor Ahmed Abdullahi entered a new phase today after previously dissenting Ugas Sheikh Mohamed withdrew his candidature in favor of his clan’s endorsed candidate Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

Speaking to members of his Fai sub-clan in Wajir on Sunday, Ugas said he took the decision after realizing it was practically impossible to gun for the seat as two candidates from the same clan.

“I am withdrawing in the interest of the clan and the people of Wajir after realizing that it will be practically impossible to land the seat with two candidates from our backyard” said Ugas.

Ugas who early this month dismissed his Fai clan’s endorsement of Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud for the county top seat, reversing an earlier verdict that gave him the green light, denied being prevailed upon interested parties to give way for the outgoing Kenyan ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Sources however indicate community consensus finally bore fruit after elders and leaders from the Fai community brokered a deal that will see him considered for post-election positions.

The news was received with shock and welcome in equal measure given the manner in which Ugas and Rashid Kassim who were anointed by their family for Wajir governor and Wajir east Mp respectively staged a rally in Wajir on January 2, two days after the second verdict was issued.

Gubernatorial candidate and clan brokered politics critique Salah Abdi Sheikh said it was unfortunate Ugas withdrew after pressure by kinsmen.

“I am told that Ugas Sheikh Mohamed, a competitor and a friend, has finally been forced out of the Wajir 2017 Gubernatorial race through scorched earth tactics by a conspiracy of old politicians and their elders” posted Salah on his Facebook page.

“I met a lady who was an ardent supporter of Ugas and she was devastated. Some of the supporters have approached me and promised to support my candidature because they have now lost hope in the “negotiated democracy.” He added.

While wishing Ugas good luck in his future endeavors, Salah asked his ‘disappointed’ supporters to shift their support base to him.

Incumbent governor Ahmed Abdullahi has muted his campaigns the past few weeks in what analysts see as studying the moves of his opponents before making his debut again.

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