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Another feather in Celebrity clockmaker’s hat as he arrives at KSA for Umrah courtesy of Saudi government

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hassan with his relatives in Makkah. (SPA)

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hassan with his relatives in Makkah. (Photo: SPA)

Talented Sudanese American student Ahmed Mohamed Al-Hassan arrived in Jeddah on Friday morning to perform Umrah after the Saudi government joined the long list of his admirers and invited him to visit the country for the Muslim ritual.

Ahmed was arrested after he brought a homemade clock to school that teachers thought looked too much like a bomb. Even though when he was showing his new project to teachers he made it clear that it was a clock, they reported him to police who later arrested him.

The incident sparked an International outcry on how Muslims were treated with prejudice. As a result, Ahmed become an instant celebrity and got invitation from different quarters to boost his morale.

From the White house to Silicon Valley corporates such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, Ahmed’s predicaments became blessings and the icing on the cake came last week after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invited him for Umrah.

Awad Qarshom, head of the Sudanese community in Jeddah, said that supervisors of the Sudanese community would contact Ahmed Al-Hassan’s family for a celebration to honor the talented student.

“Ahmed Al-Hassan will be honored by the creativity committee of the Sudanese community in Jeddah during a celebration which will be organized soon with prominent personalities of the community in the Kingdom and journalists of the Sudanese media including TV and newspapers.” Said Qarshom.

Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, has since pulled all of his children from their Irving Independent School District schools in protest.

Mohamed said the family is still deciding where to send the children to school.


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