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Anne Waiguru is a performer, Senator Billow Kerrow says

By Nation.

Billow Kerrow

Mandera County Senator Billow Kerrow at County Hall in Nairobi on January 16, 2014. PHOTO/EVANS HABIL


Mandera County Senator Billow Kerrow has defended Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru following calls for her removal from office saying she is a performer.

Mr Kerrow said calls by Members of Parliament in the Jubilee coalition for Ms Waiguru’s ouster were unnecessary since she had done nothing wrong.

“There is nothing unconstitutional about her actions and that allegation is only a red herring! Let’s allow the public servants to perform their duties,” he said in a statement Thursday.

Mr Kerrow said the Cabinet Secretary is a performer who is focused on achieving results in the ministry she runs and may have ‘stepped on many toes in the public service’.

He said: “Waiguru appears to be a performer who has little time for mediocrity and sloppiness. Such a person will undoubtedly have stepped on many toes in a public service that has entrenched lethargic performance in service delivery and where decision making is often a laborious, bureaucratic process of ‘live and let live’.”

He said it was worrying that some leaders have dragged ethnicity into the removal of National Youth Service Director General Kiplimo Rugut.

“We cannot view the national resource allocation only in narrow, selfish ethnic lenses at the risk of ridiculing ourselves in the full glare of the rest of the nation,” said Mr Kerrow who is also the chairman of the Parliamentary Finance, Commerce and Economic Affairs Committee.

On Wednesday, Ms Waiguru fought back against efforts by MPs to impeach her.

The CS said she was ready to answer any questions on the procedure she used to transfer Mr Rugut.


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