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Angry Kikuyu Elders curse Babu Owino

By Isaac Kiiti

The Council of Kikuyu elders on Tuesday in Thika Town at Mama Ngina gardens conducted a traditional ritual for cursing of the Embakasi East Babu Owino for allegedly referring to President Uhuru Kenyatta as son of a dog (puppy).

The elders sacrificed a pure white lamb by slaughtering and burning its meat to ashes while rebuking and cursing Babu Owino. The blood oozing from the lamb was mixed with milk and honey and other stuff and then poured skillfully around the fire as the ritual was in performance.

The smoke emanating from the burnt sacrifice to the clear skies was a pure indication their God had accepted the sacrifice, an elder said. The consequences of the ritual will be evident in seven days, seven months or after seven years the elders assured.

Michael Kinga an elder aged 91, from Nduberi said it was wise to appeased God with the sacrifice and pray God to strike the 28-year-old MP for his slur against president and Kikuyu women adding that they were angered by the young man’s derogatory statements. “Even the Bible is clear that parents must be respected as well as leaders who have been anointed to lead,” he said.

According to elder Kinga, Babu Owino’s likening of the former First Lady mother of President; Mama Ngina to a dog and the President to a puppy has caused a lot of pain to Kikuyu community therefore God will unleash His full fury upon him.

“We were all born by mothers and mothers who listened to what Owino said of likening them to dogs, must have felt hurt, this ritual will shake the country once the curse takes effect. Its effect is to remind the youth of their moral duty to respect their elders,” Njoroge Karatu Chairman of the Council said. The elder also said Babu will be cleansed if he repents before the council and apologizes to Uhuru and Mama Ngina.

However, Babu’s statement remains that he did not specifically name persons in his remarks and that they were not an insult to the President nor the Kikuyu community at large. Babu Owino is facing subversion charges for the remarks and was released on bail worth ksh 500,000 on Wednesday.


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