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AMISOM exit is inevitable-US general



Top US general has ruled out African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) leaving Somali by 2018 as it was expected.

General Thomas Waldhauser of the United States Marines said the AMISON departure from Somalia is not possible anytime soon; AMISOM stay in Somali is now over a decade.

The top US general said ultimately AMISOM forces will withdraw from the horn of Africa but not at once, Mr. Thomas recommended a tactical withdrawal.

General Thomas said at the time of the withdrawal Somalia National Army should be well equipped to control to take on Al-Shabaab militia group on its own.

“In Amisom, there has been discussion on departure and, at some point; it is going to be inevitable.” He said.

The Somali government says they are ready to take over the security of the country once the AMISOM army leaves the country.

Somalia president said one of the main obstacles of his government is the UN arms embargo, the president said the UN embargo is hindering the government’s plan to rebuild it is national army.

Turkey’s largest overseas military camp which has the capacity to train more than 1,500 troops at a time has been opened in Mugadishu.

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