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AMISOM confirms inflicting heavy losses on Al-shabaab in botched attack on Halgan camp

By Nep Journal Correspondent:


Hours after Al-shabaab staged another El Adde like attack on AMISOM’s Halgan base manned by Ethiopian forces, the AU mission has confirmed its forces successfully repulsed the attackers with heavy losses.

AMISOM’s spokesperson Colonel Joe Kibet was quoted by local and international media saying that Al-Shabaab suffered huge blows after their attack on the base manned by Ethiopian troops failed.

“AMISOM forces killed 110 Al-Shabaab including a foreign fighter and captured a large cache of weapons” Kibet said.

Al-shabaab staged a suicide car bomb before its fighters attempted to move in and engaged a direct gun fight with the Ethiopian troops. The latter responded with both ground and air assault titling the fight in their favor.

“AMISOM and SNA forces captured and destroyed weapons including 5 BT10, 10 RPGs, 13 PKMs, 101 AK47, 5 hand-held radio & Zug23 anti-aircraft guns.” Reads a tweet by AMISOM.

Somali Defence Minister Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Diini said in a press conference that up to 120 militants were killed in the botched attack.

On the hand Al-shabaab claimed killing 60 AU soldiers and loosing 16 fighters, a claim denied by AMISOM.



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