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America regrets over Raila’s decision abstaining election

  By Isaac Kiti

An official from the US department of state on Thursday said the united states respects but regrets Mr. Raila Odinga’s announced decision to withdraw from the stipulate October 26 repeat presidential election.

In response to a query from a popular media house in the country, the US state official said NASA kingpin is welcomed to visit the US. Early on this week some newspapers and Television had reported that Raila Odinga had been barred and denied Visa to travel to the United states. The allegation was confirmed in reports to the State House Director of Digital Communications Dennis Itumbi.

The U.S official’s remarks on the question if Mr Odinga had been prohibited from visiting the touring the US he said, “it is in our knowledge that nothing prevents Raila Odinga from getting on a plane and flying to the United States.” Currently, Hon. Raila Odinga is in London where he is required to give a speech at Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Further information from the US official clarified that the United States of America does not endorse Kenyan political party or presidential candidate and that as a State, they remain committed to supporting a free, fair and credible election that is in line with Kenya’s Constitution, current laws and institutions. The official stressed.

“We respect the of Nasa presidential candidate and his running mate Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka to withdraw from the Kenyan election scheduled October 26, but we regret their decision to do so,” the official stated.




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