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Ambassador Mohamed Abdi’s campaign tower of strength kicks off in Wajir town

By Adow Mohamed

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi-Nepjournal

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, a gubernatorial candidate, addressing supporters at Raha Palace, Wajir County on Monday.

Barely a week after Ambassador Mohamed Abdi who is well known as “Mwalimu Pekee” joked about his age during a press conference to announce his interest to vie for Wajir Gubernatorial seat, the veteran politician has taken his campaign bandwagon to Wajir County on Monday.

Abdi, who revisited his earlier press conference where said that he has served in many high profile positions in government apart from Presidential and deputy Presidential positions, has now vowed to contest for Wajir County’s top position despite earlier endorsing a candidate selected by his clansmen.

He asked Wajir electorates to send him off with governorship position in the forthcoming General election.

The Kenyan ambassador to Saudi Arabia has embarked on a door to door campaign holding various meetings with several clans in Wajir County at Raha Palace in a bid to request for their support in 2017 elections.

Rumours have it that, Mwalimu pekee who agreed to support Ugas Sheikh Mohamed who was endorsed by his Community for Gubernatorial seat during the July 28 Declaration made a U-turn after he was influenced by prominent politicians who want him to oust the incumbent governor Ahmed Abdullahi as they believe he is the only one who can defeat the incumbent to whom he lost narrowly in 2013.

Sultan of the Fai sub-clan of Degodia Sultan Ugas Najib has disowned Amb.Mohamed Abdi’s decision to vie for gubernatorial position terming his move as disrespect, a rift in family unity and alluded to a possible penalty, despite him welcoming Mwalimu Pekee at Raha Palace on Monday morning as he officially launched his campaign machinery.

The Sultan who faces new challenge as his mother threw her weight behind Mwalimu Pekee now needs to play his card very well to avoid family disunity under his leadership.

It is not clear whether the sultan will follow his mother’s steps and support Mohamed Abdi.


Sultan Najib's Mother-Nepjournal

Sultan Najib’s mother in attendance at Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud’s campaign launch at Raha Palace, Wajir County.

The gubernatorial seat for the 2017 elections in Wajir County is among the hotly contested in the country as strong Candidates declared interest to battle it out for the top seat.

Mwalimu seems to be a force to reckon with if his reception at Wajir County is anything to go by.


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