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Al-Shabaab threatens to double attacks in Mogadishu.

By Nep Journal Correspondent:


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Al-Shabaab militants have threatened to execute more attacks in Mogadishu targeting Somali government and African Union peace keepers.

The militant group who have stepped up to increased their attacks targeting government officials and AMISOM forces for the last few weeks now vows to increase their attacks.

Al-Shabaab’s spokesman in Banadir region Ali Mohamed Hussein alias Ali Jabaal said they will increase their planned attacks in Mogadishu to get rid of what they refer to infidels.

He said for the past series of weeks the Somali government officials and AMISOM forces were officious about the strength of the Mujahedeen on their latest attacks.

He reaffirmed that they will double their heavy explosions abilities waged against the government officials and AMISOM forces operating in Mogadishu.

Jabaal Ali could not figure out their commitment towards ending bombings of civilians in their attacks, but he focused only on targeting Government officials and AMISOM troops in Somalia in their new plans.

“Truly, we can say, you can fight the enemy in whichever way and all that you can combat. If the first day of the bombings our attacks were minimal, today its going through something tragic in their beholders and we hope stronger attacks. For the enemies in the country, we are committed in all the time to strike and arm twist you with attacks,” Jabaal Ali said.

The latest bombing in Mogadishu was plagued at Dayax Hotel leaving 28 people dead and dozens wounded. They used very heavy artilleries that destroyed hotel building and nearby buildings. This indicates the increasing power and capacity of Shabaab bombings in Somalia.

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The threat message is a pre-cautionary for the civilians, since Al-Shabaab blast doesn’t distinguish between the government, AMISOM and civilians. In all the attacks the militants targeted against government officials and buildings especially hotels, majority of the number of the deaths were civilians.

Al Shabaab waged attacks on military bases and hotels, and the deadliest assault in the recent memory being night raid on Kenyan forces operating Kolbiyo in Jubaland region.


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