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Al-shabaab spy jailed for 30 yrs by Mandera court

A Somali citizen, Abdirahaman Abdi Takow, 22, has been accused of spying for Al-shabaab militants.

Mr. Takow was found guilty of secretly slipping into Mandera GK Prison in a bid to collect information for the for Al-Shabaab terror group.

He was apprehended on September 14, 2017 by officers who were watching the prison

A warder at the prison, Mr Hussein Osman Mursal told the court in the trial that the accused got into the jail through an opening in the perimeter wall.

He said that Mr. Takow told him upon questioning that he was going to report a matter to the police within the prison.

Another witness also told the court that Mr. Takow was accompanied by another person who had remained outside the premises and ran off upon realization that the accused had been arrested.

According to the two warders who testified before the court said their seniors had informed them of a premeditated terror attack on the prison thus they had been very vigilant.

An anti-terror Police officer told the court that Mr. Takow was an Al-Shabaab spy who was sent to gather information on the prison.

The ATPU officer told the court that Al-Shabaab intended to hit numerous installations in Mandera such as the prison, police station, county offices, military camp and the county referral hospital.

Mr.Takow did not deny the allegations against him. He said he came into Mandera from Mogadishu to work as a mechanic at Yarshit garage. He failed to give his reason for visiting the prison.

Mandera Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Areri, found the accused guilty saying he did not deny evidence given in court.

The magistrate sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment saying the evidence against him was overwhelming and Mr Takow had not bothered to defend himself by “rebutted or contravened in any manner.”

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