Al-Shabaab seizes Somali army base in lower Shebelle.

By NepJournal May 23, 2017 15:20

By NJ Correspondent:

somali National Army. File/Photo

Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a remote Somali National Army (SNA) bases in lower Shebelle region of Southern Somalia on Tuesday.

Tuesday heavy fight erupted after the militants attacked Somali army controlled bases located in Lanta-Buro and N-50 villages.

According to local residents’ heavy artillery and gunshot could be heard across the villages in remote areas.

Earlier, Lanta-Buro resident Siyad Hassan said people are hiding in their houses and those who stayed outside have fled due to the escalating violence.

There were no immediate details of casualties.

African Union Peacekeeping forces were reported to have offering reinforcement to Somali army to repulse the militants who stormed the camps.

The administrator of N-50 village Abdullahi Wafow while speaking to the news agencies confirmed that the Al-Qaida affiliated group Al-Shabaab abducted 40 residents’ majority of them women in both villages and burnt houses before waging attack to the two military bases.

In 2014, Al-Shabaab waged simultaneously two major attacks targeting the Somali military that left the deaths of dozens of Burundian troops and Ugandans soldiers.

Somali government officials did not comment on the incident.

Al-Shabaab has been in decline since 2011, but still control some areas in which they have been carrying out series of deadly bombings throughout Somalia targeting government officials, civilians, politicians and humanitarian aid workers.

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By NepJournal May 23, 2017 15:20

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