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Al-Shabaab militants Kill chief, abduct 2 Kenya police reserve in Mandera

By NJ Correspondent:

Members of the public mill around the scene of a past attack.

A senior chief was killed while two Kenyan Police Reserve (KPR) abducted when suspected A-Shabaab militants attacked Omar Jillo village of Lafey Sub-County of Mandera County on Monday evening.

The attackers, believed to Al-Shabaab militants, killed Dekow Abey Sirat a senior chief of Omar Jillo location.

Sirat was shot at his home at around 10.00PM officials said.

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh confirmed the incident saying two KPR officers are missing following the attack.

Saleh said the gunmen shot randomly hitting the chief at his home.

The attackers are suspected to have fled towards Somalia border which is about 7 kilometers away.

Saleh praised the chief saying he was very active, hardworking and this could be the reason behind his killing.

Residents reported that they heard at least six gunshots before the chief was found dead.

In a Special Gazette Notice, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery first imposed a curfew on the border county in North Eastern Kenya in October 2016 after Al-Shabaab gunmen killed 12 people at the Bishaaro Hotel in Mandera Town.

The curfew was then extended by three months in December 26, 2016 ending on March 28, 2017 only to be extended by another three months up to June 28, 2017.

The affected areas include; Mandera Town, Omar Jillo, Arabia, Fino, Lafey Kotulo, Elwak and their environs extending to 20km from the Kenya-Somalia border.

A senior police officer who asked anonymity told Nep Journal that the security agencies led by Kenya Defense Forces responded to the attack after the attackers fled.

The officer added that security forces are now traversing the village environs looking for the attackers.

This comes barely three days after two quarry mining workers were killed in Qalanqalesa village of Elwak, Mandera South Sub-County.

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