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Al- Shabaab mercilessly beheaded four Somali elders in El Ali town of Hiiran region.

By Nep Journal Mogadishu Correspondent



Alshabaab militant have brutally slaughtered four elders they have accused of supporting the Somali government and African Mission in Somalia (Amisom) forces as spies.

The militants recaptured El Ali town beheading the four elders after Ethiopian forces and Somali national forces have withdrawn their forces from the town on Tuesday.

According to eye witness the four elders were identifies as Birik Mohamud Abdulle 85, Mohamud Hayow 75, Ibrahim Noor and Abdiwahab Burfule were beheaded in public after the militants rounded up several residents who witnessed the merciless incident.

Among the four elders killed two are famous traditional peace makers in Hiiran region.

The militants have held hostage several other people whose whereabouts are unknown.

Residents reported that they fear for those people under the militant’s custody since they don’t know what they will do to them.

The insurgents have carried out several attacks in Kenya including; the west gate mall, Mandera bound Bus and Garissa University College attack among others.

The Garissa University attack which occurred in 2015 that left 148 students dead was one of Kenya’s bloodiest terror attack followed by West gate Mall attack that cost the lives of 67 Kenyans.

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