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Al Shabaab beheads four men for spying in Jamame town, Kismaayo

By NJ Correspondent:

Al Shabaab beheading four men alleged as spies for CIA, Kenya and Somalia’s intelligence agencies. File/Photo.

Somali based Al-Qaida linked group, Al-Shabaab have on Sunday evening executed four men accused of spying for the US, Kenya and NISA publically in Jamame town about 70 Kilometers North of Regional state of Jubbaland, Kismaayo.

Through their Pro-Al Shabaab Radio Andalus, the militants said that the Sharia court committee have ordered the execution of four spies who were identified as Yusuf Makaran 58, Ahmed Ibrahim 28, Siyad Ali Abdi 26, Abdullahi Omar Hassan 26 after they were proved secretly working with foreign intelligence agencies.

“Siyad and Yussuf were accused of working with US military forces as CIA agents to spy on the militants. Since they were recruited to CIA, they were both accused to have facilitated several attacks including the killings of 100 militants in an area near Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region during March 2016 alone,” reported Radio Andalus.

Ahmed and Abdullahi were accused of spying for Kenyan defense forces and Somali forces respectively.

Eyewitness who asked anonymity told a section of the media that hundreds of local residents, including women and children were forcefully assembled to gather at an open field in Jamame town to witness the beheading of the four men sued to have spied for foreign intelligence agencies.

The militants warned residents against working with any foreign and Somali government intelligence services, saying locals found guilty of espionage will be punished similarly.

The terror group has routinely vowed to fight the Western-backed Somali government and AU peacekeepers by often carrying out suicide car bombs in their strongholds areas in an effort to protect the group from being targeted by the U.S. military and AMISOM, which has waged a covert war in Somalia for years.

This attack comes amid the preparation to hold the presidential election this week on Wednesday February 8, 2017.

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