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Al-hijaby bridal to hold first ever Muslim fashion design show in Kenya.

By Adow Mohamed:

A Muslim fashion designer is set to make history as the first ever designer to feature hijabs in bridal outfits in a Fashion show to be held in Nairobi.

Trading under the name Al Hijaby bridal, the Clothing brand specializes in the designs of all kinds of Muslim bridal outfits as well as traditional Somali dresses for the newlyweds.

Al-hijaby bridal will hold the event at Nairobi’s Boma hotel in South C near the Kenya Red Cross on Sunday December 18, 2016.

As women around the world shake up the foundations of modern fashions, the emergence of Al-hijaby bridal will give Muslim brides more choices than ever before for their wedding dresses.

Muslims generally observe modest dressing even in weddings but the advent of fashion has seen variety of styles and colors that changed the tradition cloths of marriage.

During the show, there will be several activities showcasing Somali traditional clothes, Islamic wedding gowns, Somali music and dance, workshops among other activities aimed to exhibit the latest design of wedding gowns and Somali tradition dresses for the newlyweds.

Executive Director of Al Hijaby bridal, Hafsa Mohamed said they will showcase a number of activities that is going to be performed at the stage to educate the audience.

“The Products that will be exhibited and performances include: Somali traditional dresses, Somali music, Islamic wedding gowns, cultural artifacts among other bridal themed items and wares” Hafsa told Nep Journal.

Al-hijaby bridal which has recently established its operation in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi offers a wide range of services and sale modern Islamic wedding gowns and other bridal outfits such as traditional Somali outfits.

Al-hijaby bridal as is described by its Motto “all things Muslimah bride needs: Beauty and Elegance,” offers the following products and services.

  • Professional Fashion Design.
  • Wedding Planning.
  • Modern Islamic wedding outfits.
  • Bridesmaid outfits.
  • Flower girls’ outfits
  • wedding planning (the first professional wedding planner)
  • make-up artist
  • event decoration
  • wedding invitation cards
  • custom-made dresses for any occasion among all others which a Muslimah bride needs for her wedding

The event will be graced by high dignitaries of Muslim female from across Kenya. The show is expected open its doors on Saturday from 1.30pm – 5.00pm.


The event will be charged as follows

VIP             Kshs.1000

Regular     Kshs. 600

For more information contact

Al Hijaby Bridal

P. o. Box 35511-00100

Nairobi, Kenya.



Tel. +254 722 778 749

Instagram: alhijabibridal





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