Ajuran community endorses Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi for a second term

By NepJournal January 26, 2017 20:57

Ajuran community endorses Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi for a second term

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

Ajuran elders carry Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi shoulder high on Thursday after endorsing him for a second term in office.

Wajir governor Ahmed Abdullahi’s re-election bid got a big boost today after elders from the Ajuran community endorsed him for a second term.

The development comes a day after elders from the Ogaden clan in Wajir agreed to support Abdullahi’s bid for a second term in office subject to the approval of other community members on February 15 when the community is expected to hold its meeting.

In both meetings, elders expressed satisfaction with Abdullahi’s development record.

“We chose him for two reasons; his development record and what he has done specifically for the Ajuran community” said Haji Nuri of the Ajuran clan after Thursday’s endorsement.

Abdullahi was also endorsed by Degodia elders recently and will square it off with former MP and envoy Mohamed Abdi Mohamud and academician Salah Abdi Sheikh.

The Ajuran community has selected former Wajir North MP Dr. Abdullahi Ali for the position of Senator in the coming elections and will also seek the Deputy Governor’s position.

Current holder of the latter office Abdihafidh Yarrow who hails from the Ajuran community was absent in today’s meeting even though he has previously indicated to front himself for the same office.

Sources indicate Governor Abdullahi and his Deputy may not be in the same boat this time round after relations between the two leaders took a nose dive in the recent past.

Governor Abdullahi in a meeting with Ogaden elders in Wajir on Wednesday.

The Ogaden community is also expected to name their own candidate for the position.

It is not however clear whether this plan will be shelved in favor of Abdullahi’s second term bid when members of the community converge for their meeting on February 15, 2017.

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By NepJournal January 26, 2017 20:57

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