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Ahlu Sunna dismisses Somalia elections citing malpractices

By NJ Correspondent:


Somalia’s Ahlu Sunna wal Jama’a faction has dismissed the recent indirect parliamentary elections in the country citing fraud, intimidation and other malpractices.

In a statement dated December 14th, the moderate religious faction still calling the shots in several South Central region including the designated Headquarters of Galmudug State, Dhusamareeb has also lashed out the Hassan Sheikh led outgoing Federal government for failing to honor all agreements it signed with the group and witnessed by the International community.

In the scathing statement, the group alleged ‘dangerous’ people were elected to both houses including members of the dreaded Al Shabaab group as well as former warlords.

Ahlu Sunna said parliamentary seats were up for grabs at the cost of $70,000 – $1,750,000 with candidates who could not afford these huge chunks of money sidelined.

“Electoral delegates were substituted last minute, some were not even from the tribe they participated to vote and most shockingly vote for hire practices common” reads the statement in part.

The group said they will recognize outcome of the elections and called on the international community to put on hold all disputed seats and resolve the malpractices it cited.

It also called for invitation of international election monitors to the upcoming presidential votes urging the UN to save the country from degenerating into more anarchy.

Ahlu Sunna also wants to be invited to future National Leadership Forums and International conferences in order to ensure ‘fair political representation.


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