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From exchanging bullets to sharing water, the story of two neighboring villages in Mandera and Wajir counties.

By Farah Adan

governor taking water from borehole

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi drinks from a borehole sank by his administration in this file Photo/Nepjournal.

Residents of two neighboring villages in Mandera and Wajir counties have buried the hatchet and were now sharing the little resources at their disposal after years of mistrust between two communities living in the two counties.

While the Degodia and Garre communities fought bloody battles in the better part of last year and early this year, the two communities reconciled after shuttle diplomacy by the government and neighboring communities yielded fruits.

Resources whose sharing would erstwhile trigger conflicts between the two sides were now uniting the two communities in the two Boji villages in either side of the border between the two counties.

A borehole sank by the Wajir County government in the village on it’s side of the border has brought together the two communities.

Engineers from Hashi Drilliing

Engineers from Hashi Drilling company celebrate completion of a borehole in Wajir County in this file photo/Nepjournal

In a gesture of good neighborliness, residents of the Wajir side not only share the scarce water resources with their neighbors but they also incorporated them into the management committee of the borehole.

An elder in one of the villages Mohamed Alio told Nepjournal on phone that the two sides were even in the process of raising funds to pipe water to the village on the Mandera side.

Alio appealed to local leaders to chip in and foster the bonding that has germinated in the area by committing more resources to the project.

Boji village on the Mandera county side of the border falls under Mandera south constituency.

The Wajir county government has sank many boreholes in the county with up to 65 of them producing good yields.

Statistics show that was more than half of what was drilled since independence in the entire county.




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