Academician Salah Abdi Sheikh unveils manifesto

By NepJournal January 29, 2017 23:56

Academician Salah Abdi Sheikh unveils manifesto

By Adow Mohamed:

Thirdway alliance Presidential candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot speaks during Salah’s manifesto launch.

Wajir County gubernatorial candidate Dr. Salah Abdi Sheikh has today unveiled his manifesto at a colorful event held in Nairobi.

Salah’s manifesto touched on all spheres of the local economy and included a pledge of integrity that contained several self-audit clauses.

“I will not change my residence which will remain my house in Wajir Town. I will not move to the governor’s residence, it will be used for hosting dignitaries and important meetings beneficial to the county” reads the pledge in part.

Under the slogan ‘Believe: together we can’ his campaign manifesto was built on four pillars including social security, literacy, care for people and planned settlements.

“This Manifesto is a blueprint which will be the bedrock of my administration in changing the way the Wajir County resources are managed and shared. It is also intended to revamp the way the Wajir County Government serves the residents” said Salah.

“It is an attempt to generate local resources, re-orient the perceptions of the people of the county with regards to self-economic empowerment. It is more importantly a blueprint for addressing the challenge of the high rate of adult illiteracy, rampant abject poverty and unplanned villages, towns and informal settlements that are rendering the land unsuitable for economic use” he added.

Salah said in resolving these pressing matters, he hopes to liberate the minds of the people and also herald an era of democratic political engagements where the county electorate will vote on the basis of who has better policies and programs and not on who comes from specific clan or area of residence.

“Wajir County needs unflinching, trustworthy and honest leadership. Such leadership will be motivated enough to clean up the health system improve the educational standards, build roads and clean up the towns. Such leadership must have the audacity to confront clan loyalties and create integration, curb the brain drain and create a self-sustaining economy” said the aspiring governor who has steered clear of clan endorsements unlike his peers.

Under the social welfare program, Salah proposed a social welfare mode that is direct and sustained assistance to households through provision of child support to poor mothers.

“We propose child support for the poorest 10,000 households at the rate of Kshs. 3,000 per child per month for the first five (5) children. This will inject Kshs. 150 million directly into households every month” he said.

During the occasion, Salah also unveiled his website adding the manifesto and other information regarding his personality and campaign can easily be found on the site.

Salah Abdi Sheikh is known for his open, charismatic and participatory style of work and is regarded highly for his innovative and developmental ideas.

He is remembered for his advocacy work for the rights of the victims and survivors of historical injustices in Northern Kenya.

Thirdway alliance presidential candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot was the chief guest during the event which was held at a city hotel also attended by Garissa County MP and Senator Hopefuls Maryam Sheikh Abdi and Ahmed Zidane among other dignitaries.

Salah is expected to unveil his manifesto in Wajir County early next month.

He will face-off with the incumbent governor Ahmed Abdullahi and former MP and Saudi Envoy Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

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By NepJournal January 29, 2017 23:56

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