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Abducted Arabia Chief Killed by his captors

By Hussein Ahmed

bilow kerow

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow flanked by leaders from his county addressing a press conference at Tom Mboya labour college yesterday. They called for the redeployment of KDF from Somalia to guard local territories.

The Chief of Arabia town who was kidnapped by Al-shabaab militants yesterday has been shot dead by his abductors.

Mr. Muktar Maalim a.k.a Otieno was on his way to Mandera when the gunmen waylaid a public service vehicle in which he was traveling in.

Confirming the incident, his assistant Mr. Abdinoor Daqane Hussein who was in another vehicle and survived the attack said that the attackers then separated passengers using their gender and national identification.They then singled him out and fled with him towards Somalia.

Hussein added that the chief’s relatives then trailed his abductors and managed to find them at a border town.

“When the elders reached there, the assailants asked them what they wanted and when they pleaded for the chief’s release, they produced him and shot him in the head in front of them” he said.

Chief Hussein is a worried man and is calling on the government to immediately do something about the cross border attacks by al-shabaab.

He was speaking to the BBC’s Somali service.


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