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Abdi K blasts Ahmednasir for posting hate speech

By Suleiman Hassan, Garissa

Balambala MP. Hon. Abdikadir Omar Aden

Balambala MP. Hon. Abdikadir Omar Aden

Balambala Member of Parliament Hon. Abdikadir Aden has launched a scathing attack on prominent lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi for posting what he termed as hate speech.

“Ahmednasir is deliberately posting hate speech on his tweeter associating Kenyan Somalis in Garissa, Wajir and Mandera to be responsible for the terrorist attacks in the region” said Abdi K in a post on his facebook page.

The MP added that such kinds of statements were not only irresponsible and ill intended but could be a potential trigger of bad blood between the Kenyan people.

“The NEP people are peace loving Kenyans who are themselves victims of terror. If Ahmednasir is pointing an accusing finger at the people of NEP, the question I ask is where is he from? Where was he born? He needs to answer this question to Kenyans” added the Balambala MP.

Outspoken lawyer Ahmednasir posted several tweets on yesterday’s siege at Garissa University where he called on political leaders and locals from north eastern to take political responsibility for the attacks.

“The attack in Garissa is obviously the work of Kenyan Somalis. Let us not blame Somalia’s Al-Shabaab. This is local… Indigenous and very local” he said in one of the tweets.


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  1. Abdullahi

    I concur with the M.p that Ahmednasir must answer the questions he was asked. If he says he is from northeastern let him include himself as the people behind the attack.Discriminating your brothers[NEP’s] is one thing he has cast out of his mind.


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