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93 more Dadaab refugees return home voluntarily

By Abdullahi Omar

dadaab refugees queue

refugees queue at a a registration center

93 refugees have today left the Dadaab refugee camps for Somalia in the ongoing exercise to return home willing refugees.

This is the second batch to leave after 92 others left last week through the Liboi border.

So far, most of those returning home are destined to Kismayu, Baidoa and Luuq which enjoy relative peace after Amisom forces ousted Al-Shabaab from these regions.

The exercise is targeting to return home 10,000 people before the end of the year but this may not be achieved as those willing to return are very few.

Humanitarian agencies in the camps work with their counterparts across the border to ensure safe travel of those heading home.

From Dadaab, Danish refugee council facilitates them with a cash amount of 100USD per family and when they reach home, they are given another similar amount.

They will also be provided with food and medicine for the first three months to give them enough time for integration.

Aden Harun, a DRC official, told BBC’s Somali service that the exercise is going on very well. He said that they provide enough funds to the families which will enable them to reach their destinations comfortably.

The voluntary repatriation of the refugees was a tripartite agreement between the governments of Kenya and Somalia and the UNHCR.




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