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Wajir and Mandera shaken by late night attacks

Armed gunmen last night attacked Wajir power station and the offices of a local NGO – WASDA at around a quarter to 3 a.m

governor visits wajir kplc station

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi and officials from the County Government assessing the damage caused by the attack

It is believed that bazookas were used in the attack on the power station which saw a fuel reserve tank badly damaged causing massive leakage of diesel. The radiator of a new engine was also damaged by bullets.

Wajir power station

Wajir power station

In a scene reminiscent of what is witnessed when fuel tankers overturn in Kenya, residents woke up to fuel-flooded roads and footpaths and wasted no time in scooping the black gold throwing caution to the wind.

Wajir residents scoop spilled diesel

Wajir residents scoop the spilled diesel oblivious of the dangers they were exposing themselves to

Spilled oil

Spilled diesel

The attackers also raided the offices of WASDA with a grenade and shot indiscriminately at the compound injuring a watchman in the process.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi visited both the attacked places and assured the residents that thorough investigations will be done to bring to book those behind the attack.

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi speaking to journalists

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi speaking to journalists

He appealed to the residents to forward to the Government any information that will help in apprehending the culprits.

“We will reward anyone who gives us any information that will lead to the arrest of the culprits who were behind this heinous crime” he said

“Whoever did what happened last night wanted to wipe out the entire population of Wajir town, because you can imagine if, God forbid, those tanks caught fire what the damage would have been like” added the Governor.

Abdullahi assured the residents that security around all government and non-governmental installations will be beefed up using regular and administration police and the Kenya police reservists.


Similar attack in Mandera

In Mandera County, a similar attack was carried out at the same time on the Mandera power station in what looks a coordinated attack.

Unlike in Wajir, the Mandera attack was thwarted by the Police who managed to gun down two of the attackers.

The Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo said the officers recovered an AK47 rifle, 145 rounds of ammunition, five magazines and several IEDs.

Other attackers are said to have escaped with gunshot wounds.

Detectives were on Friday examining the IEDs as investigations commence.

He said the men were part of a gang planning to damage the station that supplies power using special generators.

“Our officers are alert and we have beefed up security in the area,” said Mr Kimaiyo.

Their bodies were taken to Mandera hospital mortuary this morning.

Two attackers gunned down in mandera attack

Two attackers gunned down by police in the Mandera attack


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