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Leaders ask government to produce missing doctors, fault crackdown on medical students

By Nep Journal Correspondent:

From Left: MPs Abdikadir Ore (Wajir West), Abdikadir Aden (BalambalaS)

From Left: MPs Abdikadir Ore (Wajir West), Abdikadir Aden (Balambala) and Junet Mohamed (Suna East) at a press conference they held in Parliament buildings on Friday morning. They asked the government to produce all the missing doctors.


A section of leaders from Northern Kenya have taken issue with the government’s recent announcement linking two missing doctors from Northern Kenya with terrorism and an allegedly foiled anthrax attack.

Speaking at a press conference in Parliament buildings on Friday morning, MPs Abdikadir Aden, Balambala, Abdikadir Ore, Wajir West and their Suna East counterpart Junet Mohamed voiced concern over what said was a new trend by Kenyan security agencies targeting young doctors of Somali Origin on the pretext of countering terrorism.

In a joint statement, the outspoken law makers casted doubts over the motives of the crackdown saying it was another camouflaged scheme targeting the people of North Eastern Kenya.

“While we support the fight against terror, we have all the reasons to suspect that this latest incident targeting our youthful professionals is yet another unjustified and unconstitutional act of gross violation of our rights as the NEP (north eastern province) people” Said Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden who read a joint statement by the MPs.

The legislators now want the government to produce the missing students and charge them in court in accordance with the law.

Last week, two Kenyan Doctors from Garissa, Dr. Farah Dagane and Dr. Hish Ahmed disappeared from their residence in Kitale where they were on internship with security agencies later posting their photos terming them dangerous and planning to carry out a biological attack using anthrax, an allegation the MPs denied.

“We are not convinced that even KDF has the necessary expertise and capacity to prepare and launch an anthrax warfare, let alone intern students” said the MPs.

The number of missing students rose to three after another female medical student was allegedly taken away from her hostel at a Kampala University on Thursday.

Ubah Hassan Aden was whisked away by plain clothed officers speaking Kenyan Swahili accompanied by Ugandan Police Officers, the MPs alleged.

They said Ubah was the daughter of retired military officer, has two of her brothers serving as KDF with one of them currently serving in Somalia under the AMISOM mission and that her elder sister was a serving Police officer.

“In addition, six of her uncles have also served in the KDF, one of them being a former military pilot” said the MPs.

They said Dr. Ubah did not befit the profile of a terrorist having been born and brought up in military setup.

Another doctor Abdallah Iddi Waititu is still missing for almost one and a half months now.

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