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Government compensates owners of camels killed by police in Tana River

Eight camel  herders from Bura constituency have been compensated by the government following the shooting of their camels by security officers in May 2017.

126 camels were shot by security officers patrolling a disputed border between Kitui and Tana River counties.

The incident was extensively condemned by leaders who termed it barbaric.

Yesterday the herders were awarded  Ksh 70,000 per camel bringing the total amount of the compensation to Sh8.2 million.

A herder, Mohamed Abdi got the highest amount –sh 4.4 million since he lost 70 camels. Another herder, Ibrahim Taqal who lost 40 camels got sh 2.9 million.

“I cannot conceal my happiness and gratitude to the government. After the incident, I was distressed. Never in my wildest dreams did I see the government could reimburse us,” Abdi said.
He still asked the government to bring to justicethe killers so as to serve as a lesson to to rogue officers who think they are above the law.

Agriculture CS Willy Bett delivered the cheques at the Bangal trading centre and said the government is dedicated to helping herders who lost their animals.

He said throughout the long-drawn-out drought, the government used more than Sh1.4 billion in off-take programmes and providing water in ASALs.

MP Ali Wario, PS Andrew Tuimur, Director of Livestock Julius Kiptarus, Senator Juma Wario and former Governor Hussein Dado were also present.

He said the government has come up with programmes to make sure farmers are cushioned during drought. “We have put in place programmes to make sure herders do not lose their herds during the drought. We have an insurance fund in place to reimburse farmers who lose their livestock to natural catastrophes,” Bett said.

He handed a cheque for Sh78 million from the livestock fund, saying the money is intended to reduce the suffering of livestock farmers in Tana River.

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