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Court of Appeal nullifies Garissa County Governor’s election

Garissa county Governor Nathif Jama

Garissa county Governor Nathif Jama in a past function


Garissa county Governor Nathif Aden Jama lost his seat following a nullification of his election by the court of Appeal.

A three Judge – bench of the court consisting of D. K. Maraga, J. W. Mwera and P. M. Mwilu found a lot of electoral malpractices in the way he emerged the winner in the March 4, 2013 polls.

This comes at a time when the County Assembly of Garissa is busy flexing its muscles. It has recently sent home the entire public service board on allegations of abuse of office and up to four members of the Executive Committee are currently under scrutiny by the house.

Two voters from the County, Abdihakim Osman Mohamed and Sahael Nuno Abdi successfully petitioned the Governor’s election and they went to the Court of Appeal after the High court upheld his election.

A long tussle in the corridors of Justice could be in the offing for the residents of Garissa as Nathif reportedly takes the battle to the Supreme court.

The speaker of the County Assembly will take charge of the County until the case is fully resolved or until a by-election is held and a new Governor elected.

Download the full judgment here



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