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6 killed on suicide attack in Beledweyne


Six civilians were killed after AL-Shabab suicide bomber blew himself up in a tea shop just outside Baledweyne governor’s office in the central Somali city of Beledweyne town. Dozens of others were injured including three minors.

The tea shop is close to the regional administration office of Beledweyne in Beledweyne town, the suicide bomber was targeting the governor of Beledweyne who was holding a meeting in his office.

“At least six people died and several others were wounded. A suicide bomber blew up himself in a restaurant,” Major Hussein Osman, a senior police officer said.

Police said the attackers did not reach his intended target, the Alshabab milatants have claimed the responsibility of the attack.

In a statement the group said, “We are behind the attack at the Hiran governor’s headquarters. There are casualties. We targeted the workers of the Hiran administration,”.

Meanwhile, police in Hiiraan region said that an investigation is under way and that security forces have been deployed to the scene of the explosion.

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