Garissa county’s Public Service Board sent packing

By NepJournal April 9, 2014 17:40

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Garissa county’s Public Service Board has been disbanded following a vote of no confidence by the County assembly.

The Board headed by veteran teacher Mr. Harun Yussuf has been accused of malpractices and was under scrutiny by the County assembly for quite sometime now which culminated in today’s vote of no confidence.

“The board employed people without following due process. Some people were handed appointment letters without undergoing any interviews, others performed well in the interviews only for those who failed to be given appointment letters” Said Mahat Osman, MCA Jarajila ward.

Mr. Mahat added that the new board to be appointed soon is expected to correct all the anomalies that were raised.

The session was attended by 44 members. 41 members voted for the ouster of the Board while only three members supported it.

The board’s composition was as follows:

1. Mr. Harun Yussuf Chair
2. Mrs. Fardosa Abdikadir Hussein Vice Chair
3. Miss. Annete Wambui Muriuki Secretary
4. Mr. Abdisalam Sheikh Mohamed Member
5. Mr. Abdirizak Said Aden Member
6. Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Abdi Member
7. Mr. Mohamed Dahir Member (Deceased)

The ball is now in the coat of the Governor who has to make fresh appointments of the board.


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By NepJournal April 9, 2014 17:40