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 Death toll rises to 358 in Mogadishu bomb attack

By Isaac Kiti

Security officials have updated the number of last week Saturday bomb attack as another car bomb claimed more lives in Mogadishu city.

The number of people killed in the devastating last week bombing in Somalia’s Capital Mogadishu has risen to 358 according to the government with 228 injuries and 56 still missing.

According to the figures released by the government, 642 people were affected by the incident.

Aside from the confirmed death toll, 228 people were injured in the deadliest attack in the country’s history. Somalia’s news agency quoted the information and international security ministers as per late Friday. The announcement came as a car bomb exploded outside Mogadishu, Killing the driver, police said with a witness saying there were at least two bodies.

The explosion happened around noon in the village of Markaz about 20km northwest of Mogadishu, police Major Nur Ali told international news media.

Police had not reached the scene which he called an area “inhabited by hardline islamists”. A witness in the village by the name Ahmed told Reuters by phone that he had seen two dead bodies. “The car was ruined and the dead bodies split into halves,” he said.

Heavily armed Al shabaab militia group has been blamed for the Saturday bombing in which a car and a truck laced with bomb heading for airport exploded prematurely.


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