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Joy and dance as Mandera county marks one year of devolution

As Mandera County celebrated one year of devolution, there was joy and dance at Moi stadium where the event was held and the message of the county residents was loud and clear – They are now independent from years of neglect by successive governments.

They braved extremely hot and sunny conditions to mark the day.

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Senator Kerrow joins dancers on the floor as Governor Roba looks on

Students from different schools, traditional dancers and women groups entertained the guests and the public.

Schools entertain guests and the public

Schools entertain guests and the public

Religious leaders from the county and all elected and nominated leaders were also present and they all encouraged the public to maintain peaceful coexistence following the after poll clashes witnessed at the county.

All the leaders who spoke at the event reiterated their support for devolution and the County Government which they said has embarked on reversing the half a century injustice to the people of Mandera. “We will even die for devolution and no one can take us back” said Hon. Mohamed Adow.

Also in attendance was Senator Hon. Billow Kerrow, MP. Hon. Mohamed Maalim Mahamud and Women rep. Fathiya Mahboub, all elected and nominated county leaders and the speaker of the county assembly and his deputy among others.

When his time to address the public came, The Governor, Hon. Roba was categorical that his Government has developed institutions of governance in the whole county and spearheaded several development projects saying that none was inherited from the defunct Mandera County Council.

He said that the county received no rains since November 2013. “We responded to the food and water needs of our people and animals and I am happy to report that for the first time we have not experienced deaths of people and animals as used to be the case in the past” he added

Governor Roba said that his Government inherited a burning county and this delayed development projects and he thanked all those who made it possible for them to resolve the crisis within the first three months of assuming office.

He said that his Government held 45 reconciliatory meetings, 35 dialogue meetings and 25 rapid response initiatives aimed at pro-actively managing tensions.

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