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3 killed in Tarbaj district’s Ogaralle village

By Nepjournal correspondent

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi

Three people were killed by gunmen in Ogaralle area of Tarbaj constituency on Tuesday afternoon in what is believed to be boundary dispute and tribal animosity.

The trio Aweys Ali 35 years, Bishar Hassan 40 and Nunow Ali 50 are members of the Degodia clan and were killed by armed assailants suspected to be from the rival Garre clan. They were working as laborers on a road construction project sponsored by the Wajir county government.

Confirming the incident, Tarbaj OCPD Soita Mwanja said the three men were shot at close range after they were ambushed by the armed attackers adding that security personnel were deployed in the area to pursue the criminals.

The bodies of the dead were taken to Tarbaj police station by security officers and later buried according to Islamic practice after postmortem was carried out.

Members of the Garre clan are opposed to the progress of the 25 kilometer road project that links Mandera and Wajir counties.

They accuse the Wajir county government of provocative action by stretching the project 5 kilometers into their land which they say is in another county – Mandera.

The two communities were involved in a bloody fight early last year in which over sixty people lost their lives and thousands others displaced.

The inter-clan war started in Mandera County and later spilled over to Wajir County. It took concerted efforts from the Government and members of Parliament from neighboring counties to resolve the standoff after elders from both communities agreed to sign a peace deal in Nairobi.

Later yesterday, the Governor of Wajir County Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi visited the scene and requested residents to remain calm as the law takes its course.

Governor Abdullahi said the border of the two counties is documented and his government in conjunction with Mandera County government will engage the national government and the department of survey to define the boundaries of the two counties.

“The border between Mandera and Wajir is clear and the road we are constructing did not extend to Mandera” He said

He promised to meet political leaders from both counties in order to bring the situation under control before it explodes into tribal clashes.


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