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3 KDF soldiers killed in an accident along Elwak-Kotulo-Wajir road in Mandera

A military lorry overturned along Elwak-Kotulo-Wajir road in Mandera killing 3 Kenya Defence Forces soldiers and injuring several others.

According to Daniel Bundotich , Mandera South Deputy County Commissioner the officers were in a convoy of three lorries heading to Mandera from Wajic when the accident occurred.

“The bodies of the three soldiers and the wounded have since been airlifted to Nairobi,” Mr Bundotich said.

Confirming the incident KDF Spokesperson, Colonel David Obonyo said that seven KDF soldiers were wounded in the 10am Friday accident.

He also refuted earlier claims that the military vehicle had been hit by a road explosive

“It was an accident and not a terrorist attack,” he said.

He also confirmed that the wounded KDF soldiers were already in a hospital in Nairobi receiving specialized treatment.

Terror attacks in the region have been rampant of late forcing the government to ban non-locals from using public transport on the roads within Mandera.

The government said it cannot be able to guarantee safety for travelers in that region following the burning of police cars escorting the buses on that route .

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