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20 die in deadly Mogadishu hotel attack by Al-shabaab

By Nep Journal Correspondent:


Up to 20 people have been confirmed dead so far in a deadly hotel raid in Mogadishu on Saturday afternoon while more than 30 others were seriously injured.

Al-shabaab has accepted responsibility for the attack which saw them drive a vehicle laden with explosives into Naasa hablood hotel before armed gunmen gained entry.

A fierce gunfight lasting hours ensued as government forces tried to rescue occupants of the hotel including high ranking government officials.

In a press briefing, spokesman of Somalia’s internal security ministry Abdi Kaamil Shukri a former minister, two doctors and several businessmen were among the dead.

Shukri said three attackers who gained entry into the hotel after the blast were gunned by down by government forces and the hotel was now fully under control of the forces.

Al-Shabaab gunmen took over the Ambassador Hotel in Mogadishu three weeks ago, holding guests and staff hostage for more than 12 hours before police ended the siege. Twenty-one people and three gunmen were killed.




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    nep journal doing alot to empower its readers without multitude of breaking news,but challenging to publish human interest stories affecting people in northern kenya.


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